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It’s not a sitcom. It’s an experiment.


1964. Benny Camden and his friends leave the University of Southern California with their newly minted master's degrees and a project that was the talk of the campus. The Glen Headwood Show is fresh. It’s new. It defies genre and rifles praise from its critics. Is it a talk show? Variety? Sketch comedy? Drama? One thing it’s not: on television.


Now he wants to sell it to a network, and that’s when reality sets in. It’s not that no one is interested. It’s that Hollywood wants to commercialize his vision, and to see it come true he may have to give up the things that made the show great.


At what point does a dream turn into a disaster?


Before Weston, there was Benny Camden. The Glen Headwood Show is the prelude to Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. See the boy before you see the man.

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Here's what people are saying about Weston:

"Stop. Pay attention. Read this one." -Amazon Reviewer Brett Raven

"Weston is a definite must read." -Amazon Reviewer Cortney Sparks

"Weston is a book with the makings of an epic." -Amazon Reviewer Samantha Windschitl

“The world was never innocent. But I was.” –Benjamin Camden

Benny Camden is the mind behind the most innovative show on television. When his brother dies in an attack at the onset of the Vietnam War, he uses his power and position in an act of protest without considering the consequences. As he wrestles with his grief, his future and his place in his family grow more uncertain until he decides to free himself from them both.

Benny’s quest leads to some of the most legendary moments in film history. Behind his larger-than-life persona hides a broken man searching for a muse. With every step, he strays further from the only thing that can save him.


His true legacy to the world will not be his movies or his talent as an entertainer. It will be his daughter.


If you like gripping drama with strong, complex characters set against the dazzling lights of Hollywood, you’ll love Weston. It’s the first chapter of an epic saga spanning three generations – the first chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s the story of a man’s quest for identity and purpose. For love and family. For his soul.


See the world through the eyes of the greatest Hollywood legend that never was.

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Here's what people are saying about Joe:

"Gregory Attaway is such an adept storyteller that you really feel the full impact of each plot twist as you read." -Amazon Reviewer ELP

"Gregory Attaway has captured the essence of what makes the coming-of-age genre so appealing to me." -Amazon Reviewer Lucidity

Even great ones have humble beginnings.

There are moments Sarah Swingle will never forget. Landing the lead in the fifth-grade play. Her first kiss. The day her daddy left and never came back.

School is a constant struggle for Adam Archer. He spends half his time hiding how little he understands and the other half hiding from the bullies.


Sarah and Adam need each other. And when they’re both drawn to a horrible tragedy that stirs the sadness of the nation, they will find each other. Their friendship will change both of their lives.


As they grow up, they dream of leaving one day and running away together to live in their own private world of dreams.


Neither has any idea what it will cost them.


Joe continues the saga begun in Weston – the second chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s a story about the loss of innocence. A story of true friendship. Of dreams.

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“I still remember when you said goodbye.”

Sarah and Adam have finished high school and are headed for the next chapter of their lives: college. After that, they plan to go to Hollywood together and test their fates - she as an actress and he as a writer.

But when one of their closest friends dies in a plane crash, everything changes. Her death ripples through their world, and when they arrive on campus, college isn’t what they thought it would be.


Their dreams, their friendship, their future – none of it may last.


Freshmankind continues the saga begun in Weston and Joe – the third chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s a story that explores what is left once innocence is shattered. How far the strongest of friendships can go before it breaks. It’s a story of grief, guilt, and hope.

Here's what people are saying about Freshmankind:

"Attaway does a commendable job of portraying the timeless, sometimes too-big sentimentality and egocentricity of teenagers. The characters are vibrant and developed as they each grapple with what they should do, both as kids with connections and adults with unknown futures." -Goodreads Reviewer Krystal

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Only nightmares come true.

Cara Camden is a child star. Her face is on every television, every magazine, every newspaper. But she’s not there because of her movies. She’s there because she is the only witness and sole survivor of one of the most gruesome murders in Hollywood history.

Journalists, paparazzi, friends and acquaintances – everyone wants to console her. Everyone wants a sound bite. But Cara can’t tell anyone what really happened, what she really saw. If she did, they might blame her, as she blames herself.


How does someone who grows up in the spotlight hide her darkest secret?


Dreams continues the saga begun in Weston, Joe, and Freshmankind – the fourth chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s a story of survival and recovery. Loss and hope. True love.


Everyone has dreams. But for Cara Camden, they’re all she has.

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