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Gregory Attaway lives in Irving, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), which suits his literary leanings well since the city is supposedly named for Washington Irving, famed writer of Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He has lived in and around Dallas for most of his life, having also lived briefly on both coasts. A graduate of the University of North Texas, he lives with his two dogs, Cara and Lois, and his imaginary friends.

A writer since the second grade, Gregory’s completed projects include The Glen Headwood Show – exclusively available for free to subscribers to his e-mail list. Sign up here!


He has written four books in The Great Ones series – Weston, JoeFreshmankind, and Dreams. It started as a series of six screenplays written in the early 2000s, and there are more books coming in the next few years.


Other stories are in the works as well. For information on upcoming releases and other updates, make sure to sign up for his e-mail list (and grab your free book).


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