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Looking for Beta Readers

My fourth book, Dreams, is nearing its final form. I am at the point where I need feedback to determine the elements that still need development.

I am looking for people who are interested in and willing to read the book, offer their opinions, and answer a few questions about what could use further attention before it is published. For such readers, I will provide an advanced reader copy in whichever digital format is preferred (Kindle, PDF...) along with summaries of any of the first three books that haven't been read.

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback, and I will include an acknowledgement with the names of any beta readers at the beginning of the book.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward this e-mail. If you are interested in being a beta reader yourself, please reply. I will provide more information about what I am requesting.

Dreams book description:

Only nightmares come true.

Cara Camden is a child star. Her face is on every television, every magazine, every newspaper. But she’s not there because of her movies. She’s there because she is the only witness and sole survivor of one of the most gruesome murders in Hollywood history.

Journalists, paparazzi, friends and acquaintances – everyone wants to console her. Everyone wants a sound bite. But Cara can’t tell anyone what really happened, what she really saw. If she did, they might blame her, as she blames herself.

How does someone who grows up in the spotlight hide her darkest secret?

Dreams continues the saga begun in Weston, Joe, and Freshmankind – the fourth chapter of Gregory Attaway’s The Great Ones. It’s a story of survival and recovery. Loss and hope. True love.

Everyone has dreams. But for Cara Camden, they’re all she has.


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