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Dreams - reviews needed!

The plot thickens! With a little over a month until release, I received my proof copies of Dreams this week, and it's pretty exciting. This book ties together all the plot elements of the first three in a way that I really love. It is definitely my favorite of the series. One of my beta readers described the ending as "exactly what I wanted to read" after the buildup of the four books.

Reviews are the hardest part of book marketing because it's the only thing I can't control. I control the price, the cover, the ads...but readers have control of the reviews.

If you or anyone you know would like to receive an advance copy (digital) to read and leave a review - just a sentence or two is more than enough - it would help me out so much. If you'd be interested in helping me build my social proof, contact me HERE. I'll send you an advance digital copy, and when the book is released, I'll send you the link to where you can leave the review. Amazon does not allow any incentivizing of book reviews beyond providing free copies of the book, and that would be unethical anyway, so I simply ask you for your interest.

Again, reviews are so important! To anyone who would like to help me, I will greatly appreciate it!

Check out a sneak peek of the opening of the book HERE.

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