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Books V and VI are on their way

I've taken a hiatus from writing since releasing Dreams in December. A lot has happened since then, including landing a fantastic new job and becoming engaged to an amazing woman. Between getting settled in my new job, starting wedding planning, and turning 40, the last five months have been pretty packed. And great. But I've been reading voraciously and delving back into the world of dreams, and today I am officially beginning the prewriting for books V and VI. Yes, there are titles, but I'm holding them back for now.

If you thought everything wrapped up nicely in Dreams, you're in for a surprise. I wrote it to be a satisfying conclusion only because I wasn't sure when I was going to have time to finish the story. I promise, there is much more left to tell. Cara and Adam have been through a lot, and things seem really good for them right now. But the most trying, most testing moments of their lives are still to come. Dreams was never intended to be the ending. I have twelve chapters planned, but I don't know for sure if I will write the last six. Books V and VI are going to be written as a cohesive unit, not individual chapters, and they will be released simultaneously, the way streaming services release entire seasons.

Conflicts that began in Weston and Joe are going to come to a head. Just like the books are separate stories that eventually merge into one, their conflicts have always been linked, and there is only one story now.

Get ready. Because you haven't seen anything yet.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, grab your free copies of The Glen Headwood Show and Weston and catch up!


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