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Star Wars and Me - A Journey

I’ve been a Star Wars fan since probably the eighth grade. I first saw the original movie when I was in fourth grade, at school. We saw a lot of good movies that year in school. Kudos to the Garland Independent School District. I was mostly distracted with goofing off, and the only thing I walked out of it with was the strong notion that the guy in the movie was also in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although I couldn’t quite place it. I was a huge Indiana Jones fan at that age. But that’s another story.

I was in fifth grade when I saw the whole trilogy, during spring break. My dad showed it to my sister and me while my mom was out of town. He explained to us that the Force isn’t real – this coming from the same guy who admitted he’d been lying to me about Santa Claus a few years earlier. Scars.

By the time I was in high school, I was obsessed. I read all the books, all the comic books, had all the soundtracks. I never had any of the toys. One year for my birthday, one of my friends gave me a life-size cardboard Obi-Wan Kenobi. It made it with me through several moves. Yeah, I was that guy. The guy with the Star Wars ties. The guy who made up a Star Wars musical with one of his friends. The prey I seek I always get because my name is Boba Fett. Star Wars disco. More than a Wookie; Jedi Talkin’; Shield’s Up. I could quote Greedo, and did so whenever the opportunity arose.

You say potato; I say Star Wars. You say tomato; I say Star Wars. Potato – Star Wars. Tomato – Star Wars. Let’s call the whole thing off.

So, in honor of Episode VIII coming out this week, here are some facts about me and my relationship with the franchise:

  • Number of times I saw The Phantom Menace in theaters: 11, including the 3D version

  • Number of those times I came dressed as Boba Fett in a tuxedo: 1

  • Number of other things I did that summer: drawing a blank

  • Number of times I saw Attack of the Clones in theaters: 11, including in IMAX, which was edited, and I spotted every edit

  • Number of times I saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters: 5. Batman Begins also came out that summer, so…

  • Different versions of the original trilogy I’ve owned: every one until Disney bought Lucasfilm. Original, THX, Special Edition, DVD, Collector’s DVD, Blu Ray. And of course the taped-off-the-TV versions I had before any of those.

  • Film I am watching as I write this: The Empire Strikes Back

  • Number of Star Wars films with Natalie Portman: 3

  • Favorite film: either IV or V.

  • Should you watch Rogue One in between III and IV or on its own: in between III and IV

  • I learned Roman numerals from Star Wars. OK, that’s probably not true.

  • Favorite character: Obi-Wan Kenobi. No doubt. He’s incorruptible, and the only way to beat him is if he lets you.

  • Least favorite character: General Binks. Seriously, how easy is it to become a general? We’ve got General Binks, General Kenobi, General Solo, General Calrissian, General Leia, General Rieekan, General Madine, General Grievous. Luke must be pretty pathetic to have never made it higher than commander.

  • Only Star Wars actor I’ve met: Samuel L. Jackson

  • Possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field: approximately 3,720 to 1

Enjoy Episode VIII. May the Force be with you.


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