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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily, Won’t you sing to me

Won’t you bring to me all the colors of spring?

Tiger Lily, Won’t you dance for me

In the evening breeze beneath the moonlit trees?

All I ever asked of you was your smile

And your ear to hear me.

Oh don’t go right now, just stay for a while

Open up your eyes and see me!

Tiger Lily, there’s a world outside

There’s no place to hide - in me you can confide.

Tiger Lily, I am standing here

Just for you, my dear, whispering into your ear.

All I ever wanted in life is in you

I know we’ve come so far.

Just look into my eyes and you’ll see it’s true

I love everything you are.

Tiger Lily, my word you can trust.

Don’t you know you must? There’s a future for us.

Tiger Lily, when the world you know

Fades to falling snow, and the winter winds blow

Even in the coldest night I’ll be there

And I’ll keep you warm,

With my wings I’ll soar into the air

And I’ll save you from the storm.

Tiger Lily, growing in the sun,

Radiance undone, beauty only begun.

Check out Joe

Available in Paperback February 22

Now available in ebook


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