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Freshmankind Underway

I've started work on the second draft of Freshmankind. The first draft has been sitting in a drawer since 2008. To strengthen the voice, I'm rewriting every scene in first person from the point of view of whomever I determine to be the significant POV character. Sometimes it can be the person who knows the most, but I find it just as interesting to go into a scene from the perspective of the character who knows the least.

I've color coded the whole book, assigning each color a character, and rather than rewrite it in chronological order, I'm writing one character at a time. My hope is that this will better keep me in each character's voice.

Once I finish with this step, I will go back and rewrite each scene in third person. My hope is that this will provide the tightest perspective and make each scene feel like a certain character is narrating.

I'm excited to get this going and soon have it ready to join Weston and Joe in my completed repertoire, and I'm hopeful that this process will create a polished, compelling narrative.

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